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Beaches in Brewster, MA
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Brewster is famous for the Brewster Flats, a phenomenon created by the ebb and flow of the daily tides when the waters recede out of Cape Cod Bay over 1 mile to reveal sandbars, clam beds and tidal pools teeming with sea life. To experience this at least once a day, visit one of Brewster's beaches. From east to west these are: Crosby Landing, Linnell Landing, Ellis Landing, Breakwater Beach, Saint's Landing, Mant's Landing and Paines Creek. There are: portable toilets from June - Labor Day; No lifeguards; handicap access on some (beach wheelchair may be reserved from Council on Aging 508-896-2737.)

Freshwater Ponds that have public beaches and landings include Long Pond (Crowell's Bog Road off of Rte. 124) where a lifeguard is on duty daily from 9am - 5pm June—Labor Day; Sheep Pond (Fisherman's Landing off of Rte. 124), and Upper Mill Pond (Run Hill Road) where there is no lifeguard. Portable toilets at each beach June - Labor Day.

Beach Parking
Parking Passes are required at all of these beaches from the beginning of June until the day before Labor Day, 9 am - 4 pm daily! No fees for walkers or bikers. Passes are on sale daily from 9 am - 3 pm at Brewstr Chamber of Commerce, 2198 Main Street in the Visitor  Center: call 508-896-3500. There are no attendants at town beaches and the fine for parking without a pass is $40 per violation.

Non-resident Fee: $20/day; $50/7-day week; $150 /season
Resident Fee: $25/season for up to two (2) vehicles per property (must show vehicle registration and proof of residency)
Additional passes $40 / season.

Beach: Hours, Cooking & Dogs

  • Beaches close at 10 pm
  • Cookouts allowed only on private beaches with a permit from Brewster Fire Department. No fires on any public beaches.
  • Dogs are not allowed on public beaches, tidal flats, landings, and public ponds from May 1 to October 1.


  High Low
January   40  25
February 41 26
March 42 28
April  53 40
May 62 48
June 71 56
July 78 63
August 76 61
September 70 56
October 59 47
November 49 37
December 40 26
24 Hours weather info 508-771-5522

Brewster Beaches & Ponds Map

Map of Brewster MA Brewster Beaches

Download the map by clicking here! Brewster's Saltwater Beaches are all on the northern boarder of the town.

Beach names correlate to name of the road that leads to the beach!